Monday, September 1, 2008

Red Berries

Red Berries , originally uploaded by Auntie Lola.

The light on Cape Cod is a wondrous thing. I brought my new camera - my first DSL - in hopes of getting to take some shots. The traffic over the bridge had other plans for me, so I ended up just wandering around my hostesses' yard looking for interesting tidbits, bits of nature, morsels of color, bits of beauty and shards of light to play with. I did manage to find a few interesting tidbits to play with.

I am also now the "Bird Whisperer", as I managed to free a sparrow that had gotten herself caught in the birdfeeder. I tried to be as reassuring as possible and approached very slowly and managed to see where she was caught (a claw stuck in a metal slit - ouch!) and was able to gently disengage her claw from the feeder. Then she got her wing caught on the cage, I managed to tuck it under the wire so she could escape. She sat in my hand for a moment or two before she took off, as if she didn't quite believe that she was free.

I think there's probably something wrong with the bird, as she got herself caught in another bird feeder later on the same day. It's too much of a coincidence that it be two different birds in two different feeders in the same yard, don't you agree?

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