Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 - Dave Barry's Year in Review

Dave Barry's annual Year in Review is one of the funniest I've ever read. Maybe it's because 2008 was a year like no other. After all, you can't make that stuff up!

Some of it had me literally laughing out loud. I got some funny looks from the cat.

Some excerpts:

"How weird a year was it? Here's how weird: O.J. actually got convicted of something."

"Gasoline hit $4 a gallon -- and those were the good times. "

He then goes on a month by month update from beginning to end, including the interminable primary season and the ongoing spending and crime sprees of Bonnie and Clyde, aka Fannie and Freddie.

Including this tidbit from August which perked up Oscar's ears:

"Meanwhile, John McCain, still searching for the perfect running mate, tells his top aides in a conference call that he wants "someone who is capable of filling my shoes." Unfortunately, he is speaking into the wrong end of his cellphone, and his aides think he said "someone who is capable of killing a moose." Shortly thereafter, McCain stuns the world, and possibly himself, by selecting Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a no-nonsense hockey mom with roughly 114 children named after random nouns such as "Hamper."

Happy reading and may 2009 be slightly less funny!

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