Sunday, December 20, 2009


Snowfall, originally uploaded by Auntie Lola.

A boatload of snow today in Boston. Light and fluffy and drifting, it settled against the doorway in a giant galumph. Oscar took a few trips out to the back porch before deciding that the white stuff wasn't worth it, and finally stopped asking to go outside.

My ex told me once when I was pursuing a divorce that if I went through with it, I'd have to shovel my own snow. As I perused how ridiculous this statement was on so many levels, I tried hard not to laugh. I mean, if getting my snow shoveled is the only reason for me to stay, all the more reason for me to go. If that's your best offer, I'd rather shovel.

So now, when I shovel snow from my walk and my driveway, I think of what he said and I smile. Broadly. Freely. Gleefully. This is my snow, and I'm shoveling it. Yippee!!!

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