Thursday, September 4, 2008


The Hampshire House in Boston has been having an Audrey Hepburn dinner and movie series, and I went with friends last night to see Charade. It was wonderful!

For fans of the old TV show Cheers, the Hampshire House is "Melville's", the pretentious restaurant above the neighborhood bar. On the edge of the Public Gardens, where I ran into Mel Gibson's movie trailers again. He's filming "Edge of Darkness" in Boston. His filming of the police station scenes snarled traffic near my workplace for a few days last week.

Anyway, Audrey, Charade, friends, an awesome meal - Cosmos and Moroccan Lamb and Cabernet and Audrey and Cary Grant. It doesn't get much better than that! Dinner and the screening were in the third floor oak paneled library. Yummm! I haven't done an informal movie viewing in that sort of setting since college - it was a lot of fun, the people were great, the food was awesome, the service very friendly and the price was very reasonable! I'd definitely do that again!

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