Sunday, September 7, 2008

Harvard's Glass Flowers

Harvard's Glass Flowers , originally uploaded by Auntie Lola.

I finally got to Harvard's Museum of Natural History's Glass Flower exhibit. Wow! I now see why it's on everybody's "Things You Must See While in Boston" lists. It took a father-son team about 50 years to complete the series - the room is has a lot of overhead lights, and it's dimly lit except for the cases, so photographs were a bit of a challenge. I did manage to get a few that were quite nice. Here are some of my favorites ....

Rows and rows of cases hold the flowers and many of the specimens have magnified bits and cross sections of sexual organs or seeds or common parasites - quite detailed!!

Common chicory - adorning roadsides everywhere and flavoring or substituting for coffee in many places!

Red maple leaves were spectacular in their colors and execution - it took him months to get the colors exactly as he wanted them.

Along the back walls are some of the drawings they used to plan their specimens.

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