Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where y'all from?

This interesting dialect quiz by Jonathan Katz of UNC is based on multiple data sources - and can get quite specific.  Take the quick 25 question quiz - or the longer 140 question version - and see where you line up.

Mine was pretty on-target - being born in Rhode Island and told on occasion by native Bostonians that I have a Rhode Island accent - my closest city came up as Providence.  I think that's because I pronounce "cot" and "caught" differently. Native Bostonians pronounce them the same.

Here's my results ---

Dialect Results - Auntie Lola

Most Similar Cities
1Providence RI55.6
2Plymouth MA51.8
3Worcester MA49.1
4Lowell MA48.9
5Boston MA48.5
Least Similar Cities
1Pittsburgh PA22.7
2Tulsa OK23.0
3Oklahoma City OK23.2
4Des Moines IA23.5
5Norman OK23.5

I loved some of the questions - crayfish or crawdads?  Sunshowers or liquid sunshine? Kitty corner or catercorner?  Pee-can or Pi-KAWN?  The words merry - Mary - and merry - are they pronounced the same or differently?  Aunt or Ant?  

There's a visual map for every question to illustrate the regional differences and distribution. 

Nice little write-up on i09 here as well.  

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